December is here, and that means Santa is doing deep knee bends and drinking coffee in preparation for his big night. Reindeer are making dry runs of their route, and elves are busy shopping on Amazon for toys. We, however, are sitting back and waiting for the magic to happen. If you need status updates, or just a way to pass the time, Google has you covered!

With Santa Tracker, Google is keeping tabs on ‘ol Nick, even letting us take a few swipes at being the big guy. For each day of December leading up to Christmas, Google is unleashing a new feature on the Santa Tracker site. Currently, we can play a Santa sledding game, or watch as elves go through airport security. We also get a peek at the Reindeer training facility (no Christmas enhancing drugs; we checked).

There is also a fun little video showing just what Santa is up to when Christmas isn’t going down (hint: he has a low stress level). Even better, we get a little preview of upcoming activities for those days we haven’t hit yet. We won’t give too much away, but there is a giant rubber duck, a roller-coaster, and what looks to be a rocket launch pad. We’re going to consider that proof that Google X Labs is at the North Pole.

Santa Tracker 2

There is also a countdown timer to Santa’s departure, front and center on the site. That way when we get a little cranky about when Santa will be coming, we can just cheek the Calendar and Santa Tracker site. Then we can play games and watch cute videos, which will hopefully calm us down.