Wearable technology is a growing category at the moment. It is likely one that will continue growing with time, however for now it doesn’t appear as if we have yet to see the best in any category. That isn’t to say we haven’t seen some quality options, but it still seems to be early days in the space. It also appears to be a category that many are watching, both on the consumer and business sides.

At present, wearable technology seems to be focusing on notifications and fitness. On the notification side there is Google with Glass and Pebble with their smartwatch (to name a few). As for fitness, we have seen options from Fitbit and Jawbone as well as quite a few others. But one name we have yet to mention is Motorola.

We haven’t seen any specifics, nor have we seen anything in terms of an official announcement, however Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside recently had a Hangout with Marques Brownlee and some details have been revealed. It seems this can be considered more of a teaser at the moment, but Woodside did touch on how they were currently considering smartwatches as well as other options.

One of those other options dealt with Bluetooth headsets. Along with talk of smartwatches, there was also a bit abut Project Ara, the Moto G and the Moto X — touching on the bit about the botched Cyber Monday sale. Woodside reiterated how they were “underprepared” for the demand but were later able to change the system and issue the coupons.

Woodside didn’t give a specific number here, but he did say Motorola issued “tens of thousands [of coupons] in four minutes.” It seems a $150 discount, or what amounted to a $350 contract-free smartphone was a popular offering. To that point, Woodside did go on to talk about the demand for contract-free devices at reasonable prices and he said they are going to “listen hard” to what the consumer is saying.

As for the wood back on the Moto X, there wasn’t a timeline given, but Woodside did make it clear this was coming soon. For that, he hinted at other materials and more possibilities coming to Moto Maker in the future. Anyway, the Hangout isn’t the shortest around, but it is an interesting watch (not pun intended).