VSCO Cam was confirmed as coming to Android way back in July, but it wasn’t until yesterday that we learned a specific launch date. As those who have been waiting will likely remember, that release date was set for today, December 3rd. And well, a quick check of the Play Store shows the VSCO Cam app as being available and ready for download.

We haven’t spent much time with the app just yet, however given our excitement over other camera app such as Camera Awesome and our disappointment over the slow shutter speed of the Nexus 5, we are looking forward to giving this a complete testing. Or in other words, look for more of a VSCO Cam hands-on after we have a bit more time to play with test the app.

Anyway, the VSCO Cam app has arrived with support for “most devices” running Android 4.0 or later. While that still doesn’t mean support for all devices, it is better than we have seen with some of the competing Android camera apps. Not to mention, VSCO Cam is available for free. Though, there are in-app purchases available for those who want some additional options and tools.

Otherwise, VSCO Cam will allow you to capture, edit and share images. Some of the features touted include the ability to choose the strength of the Presets and Tools using the Precision Slider as well as the ability to edit the exposure, temperature, contrast and more. Of course, the basics such as cropping and rotating are included, as well, the ability to see a before and after.

VSCO Cam also allows the organize and browse your library of images and also view the image data which includes geolocation, date, presets used and more. With that, those looking for VSCO Cam will be able to find it using this Google Play Store link.