When it comes to smartphones, curved has our mindshare as of late. We enjoy the new-look form factor, but are we compromising? Our sister-site SlashGear has a hands-on review of the LG G Flex, and it might strike you as interesting. More than a pretty, curved face, the G Flex offers a touch of class and style to a fresh form factor that keeps us guessing — but happy.

LG kept a lot of things familiar, but has taken a step forward with the hardware. If you enjoy the G2, or any recent LG device, you know all about LG’s increasingly bulky skin. Laid over Android 4.2.2, LG has taken a page from Samsung’s book and offered a hefty amount of features and gimmicks you may or may not find useful. Some get in the way, while some prove their mettle. With the G Flex, some interesting tweaks have been made for the curvature. Put the phone in landscape mode, and slide from the middle like french doors for the media center, which mimics LG’s TV offerings.

In regard to the hardware, LG makes all sorts of apologies that just end up making sense. The curve lifts the speakers off the surface, meaning a richer sound. The 6-inch display might be a bit cumbersome for a few of us, but it was a pleasure to type on. The RGB OLED screen is a bit cooler than some of its contemporary devices, but it’s more than serviceable. The curved battery keep it slim front to back (and lasting for two full days!), while the volume and power keys on the rear of the device keep it slender and without bulky bezels.

Check out the video below for a good overview of the G Flex. We’ll be following up with our own review in a week or so, so be sure to check back for that one, too. As the G Flex continues to roll out worldwide, and OEMs plan for more curved handsets, we’ll be sure to keep you up to date on all the curveballs Android tosses our way!