Welcome to the very first edition of Android Community Weekly! It’s here that we’ll be providing you with a week-by-week look at all the Android news from every perspective you could possibly want to see it from. We appreciate those of you who participated in our Xoom Giveaway, and urge you to stay tuned in for any future promotions! Meanwhile get attuned to the week’s must-know stories and get yourself on the knowledge train and take it all the way to Expertville!

Monday on our sister site SlashGear, Chris Davies reviewed the HTC Flyer (and later on, our own Chris Burns with a very detailed unboxing). In the highlight video he demonstrates the very polished Notes application and the use of the Flyer’s included stylus. The HTC Puccini 10.1 tablet was also leaked this past week, and is said to work with the HTC Scribe pen (comparable to the “magic pen” included in the Flyer).

Tuesday, T-Mobile announced that Wi-Fi calling will now be completely free for their Android smartphone lineup and will not count against their minutes allotted for the month. VillianROM was also released, the first custom ROM available for the Galaxy S II. Hopefully the first of many. More developmental updates include a leaked test version of Gingerbread for the HTC Thunderbolt, and CyanogenMod 7’s official support on the Samsung Captivate.

Definitely check out our review of the Motorola XOOM after its official update to 3.1. Some of the software updates include the ability to now resize widgets on the homescreen, multi-tasking improvements, and USB enhancements. The benchmark improvements were very noticable as well. And if tablets are your “thing”, another nice hands-on clip of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 was found buried over at YouTube.

Chris Davies performed yet another hands-on/unboxing of the HTC Sensation this past Friday, and if you haven’t seen it already, he demonstrates the new stylish HTC Sense lockscreen! Chris Burns posts his own unboxing of an early developers version of the LG Optimus 3D that is actually intended for engineers. Within the clip of his unboxing, it is easy to see all the 3D specific apps included as he opens the application drawer.

SwiftKey 2 beta was also released and reviewed this week. “Precise” and “Rapid” typing styles were introduced into the software which really helps customize it to the user. And finally, don’t forget to check out our Android App of the Week – Bang Bang Racing THD!