Behold the HTC version of the 10 inch surfboard – I mean tablet. Everyone’s gotta have a 10-inch Android tablet to compete these days, and HTC is no exception. After sending their HTC Flyer 7-inch tablet to our main man in Euro Chris Davies, they’ve got quite the followup coming up soon in a 10-inch iteration. That is to say if you’re interested in an Android 3.0.1 tablet in the future where Android 3.1 is already released. Oh Honeycomb, whyfor art thou playing on us the same Gingerbread tricks?!

This device is, again, known as the HTC Puccini (for now, anyway,) and is said to be capable of working on an LTE network with Cingular USA. Last we heard of this device it was showing up with AT&T attached to it and was already at that point ready for LTE. This device is also said to support the Scribe Pen as already working on the smaller Flyer tablet. It’s also got what may very well be a 1.5 GHz Qualcomm MSM8660 dual core processor and a WXGA resolution (800*1280) display.

Could this be the extra super big EVO we’ve all been waiting for, or is this just another block in the tablet tower? Given the stampedes at CTIA and Mobile World Congress just to see a few tiny HTC items, we’re thinking a Pucciniing we shall go. And what does Puccini mean? Giacomo Puccini was a famous Italian compositor of operas such as Madama Butterfly and La Boheme – a tablet for all of your most excellent creating to be done!

[via 911 Sniper]



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