Today we have another hands-on for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 that we can’t wait to see more of. We posted a short video back earlier this month of the 8.9 you can see that here. This next video below is not in English, so it is just for your viewing pleasure but any android fan should understand it, and probably wish they could show these “hands-on” guys how the multi-tasking system works on 3.0 Honeycomb, as they seem confused.

We here at AndroidCommunity also got some hands-on of our own back in March and you can see that by clicking here. It is pretty detailed already but we thought you’d all like to see more anyways, because it sure is a pretty tablet. I did want to mention in the video below it seems the Galaxy Tab had a few issues and they could explain why the Samsung May 24th event was delayed.

Like I mentioned above there seemed to be a few issues. As you watch the hands-on notice around 4:20 minutes in the video playback seems really choppy although the guy was pulling up menus and such, but my Xoom doesn’t get choppy when I do the same. Samsung also has a motion activated zooming feature that either still has some kinks to work out, or the guys in the video just weren’t doing it right. Later near the end the system freezes and has a force close but does quickly jump back to life. Obviously on pre-production models little issues may appear, but these could be why the 24th event was delayed. That or all the complains of Samsung holding so many events in a 1 month span and not everyone could attend.

Either way we can’t wait to get some more hands-on of all the new Tabs and most likely a review unit once the 24th event gets rescheduled, because as always we will be there. So check back when the time comes for even more coverage.

[via YouTube]