If you are one of the folks that already has the Samsung Galaxy S II you may want some custom ROM love on the device. User pulser_g2 over on the XDA forums has offered up version 1.0 of the VillianROM custom ROM loader for the S II smartphone. The VillainROM 1.0 for the Galaxy S2 smartphone definitely use at your own risk. The author of the software notes that he lacks the smartphone to test his software on.

The maker does note that he sent the VillainROM 1.0 software to another forum member and it was able to unlock the phone and worked as expected. As with any custom software, you individual mileage may vary and what works for one S II might not work for them all. Be sure you can fix your device before you try to use the software. To use VillainROM 1.0 requires the use of ODIN and the ROM is flashed as a PDA image.

The author notes you don’t check anything else for the install other than PDA, and there are apparently other options so be sure you pick the correct one. The ROM is based on XWKE2 and has tweaks installed to allow for future mods to the ROM . The author also notes that people applying this update should not try to use Villain Tweaks or problems will ensue. Let us know if you are able to use VillainROM 1.0 successfully.

[via XDA-developers]