Robin is the first and only (so far) cloud-first smartphone

When early Android veterans get together to form a company and come out with a product, you can expect it to be something unusual or something great. Or it can also be something unusually great, at least on paper. Nextbit is one such company, and their brand new product is called Robin, and it is probably the first and only (at least for now) cloud-first smartphone.

Xperia Z5 Family hands-on photos snapped before official launch

This is gonna be a busy week for Sony. The gates Of IFA have opened which means a lot of companies will be unveiling their latest products in one of the biggest tech shows every year. Before Sony releases the new Xperia Z5 family tomorrow, some hands-on photos have been leaked earlier today. The images don't look fake nor do they seem like renders--they look real.

Line Launcher lets you customize your Android smartphones even more

If LINE is your free message and call app of choice and you enjoy all their stickers and characters and bonus materials, then we’ve finally found the Android launcher for you. And of course, it comes from LINE themselves. The company has announced the release of their LINE Launcher, which brings you various customization and personalization options so that your home screens can be both decorative and purposeful. And it will even give you all those LINE characters that you always wished could be more visible on your screen.

Huawei to reveal new device with “Incredible Touch” at IFA 2015

We all know that Huawei is announcing a slew of new products at this week's IFA 2015 happening in Berlin, Germany. The Chinese company is all set for September 2 when it's said to launch a new device that Huawei only describes as something "that understands you". The hashtag #IncredibleTouch leads us to believe that something with an improved touch functionality will be unveiled.

Google debuts brand new logo, evolves new identity for all brands

Google surprised everybody when they unveiled their brand new identity today. Don’t worry, yes, they’re still the same old search engine you’ve depended upon like it was air. What they’ve done is evolved their logo, icons, and basically their whole visual identity in order to meet the needs of users and their various screens, formats, sizes, etc. Google believes that the new logo and brand identity "express the same simplicity and delight they expect” when they visit the homepage, as they use the search page and other Google products on their various devices and surfaces.

KinoConsole streams games from your PC to your Android device

Streaming games from your PC or console to your Android device used to be the realm of the Sony Xperia Z3 (from your PlayStation 4), or an NVIDIA-powered PC to a robust Android device. Fortunatey, developers are taking advantage of faster network connections at home to give you apps like KinoConsole – which now allows you to stream your PC games to your Adnroid device, after a fashion.

ADV Screen Recorder lets you save screencasts sans rooting and crashing

Who knew that we'd reached that time and age that whatever you see on your mobile screen can be recorded for future use and reference? It's not really a new and hard thing to do but there is certainly an easier way to do it on your Android device. Most of the related screen recorder apps we know require some rooting but this ADV Screen Recorder is Google-approved so you can fully enjoy the app with no restrictions at all.

BoomBottle+ is your audio companion for the rugged outdoors

Listening to music while driving is one of the best things about being on the road. You get to belt out your favorite tunes or headbang through your go-to high energy songs, all while keeping your eyes firmly on the road and not getting distracted. But when you’re riding a bike or a motorcycle, it’s much trickier as you can’t wear earphones, but Bluetooth speakers aren’t meant for your kind of vehicle. BoomBottle+ from Scosche has been designed with that consideration in mind.

Run endlessly and ride dragons high into the sky in Speedy Ninja

Here's another endless runner that will make you play, well, endlessly until your fingers are tired of all the chasing, unlocking, and destroying all those monsters running after you. Speedy Ninja is the kind of game that you'll want to play as an ultimate time waster.
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