Have yourself a look at the newest version of the most radically awesome keyboard app in existence, SwiftKey. This version features a few new elements including a brand new installer process, settings menu, and a most-excellent shortcut launcher on the keyboard itself. Our review lies beneath, as does a key to getting your own BETA copy today, and today only! Sell the excellence of a keyboard that learns as you teach it, teaching without any extra effort for more awesome awareness!

What you’re looking at here is actually, the newest version of SwiftKey to be released for testing by the creators of the app. This newest version features what I’ve mentioned above as well as a few new typing styles including Precise (identical to Classic) and Rapid (similar to Rapidfire), and you can also reproduce “Manual” with the option “Space will always insert a space” in advanced settings. There’s of course text handling improvements, in this case fixed doubledouble bug and general stability improvements, and lastly, the greatest, an improved Dark theme.

Take a look at our hands-on here in video form then head down to the gallery below for a clear look at what’s going on here.

UPDATE: if you’d like to get access to this beta, you’re in luck! Or you’re in luck if it’s still Friday when you’re reading this, because the folks at SwiftKey have opened their VIP doors for one day only. All you’ve got to do is go to SwiftKey VIP and enter #swiftkeyFRIDAY to download this BETA build. Joy!

Look below for known bugs and such from some official text from the folks developing SwiftKey:

Changelog for SwiftKey
– Redesigned installer process
- Redesigned settings menu
- SwiftKey shortcut launcher on keyboard
- New typing styles: Precise (identical to Classic), Rapid (similar to Rapidfire)
(Note: you can reproduce “Manual” with “Space will always insert a space” in advanced)
- Text handling improvements (fixed doubledouble bug, etc. + general stability improvements)
- Improved dark theme
We need your feedback, especially on how the new installer and settings UI works for you, and also on how the text handling works.
Known Issues
Installer personalization loop
We currently know there is an issue if you enable and set the keyboard to default before going through the installer wizard – if you try to use any personalization features, these will load another instance of the installer whenever you try to enter text. Please complete all steps of the installer wizard in the order they are presented to avoid this problem.
Some installations on Android 2.2 or lower when using Whatsapp have a text handling bug with this version of SwiftKey. It appears to come from a bug in the coding of Whatsapp, but we’re looking into this.
Hard keyboard in browsers
There are some bugs with hard keyboards in browsers. Please report issues you have in this regard.