Welcome to another quick edition of the Android Community Nightly. In what could very well be the last one ever (if the world does indeed end) we’ll start off with some fun news from Google, then dig into everything that mattered to us today. Google’s letting you send greetings via a personal call to friends from Santa, so give it a try.

There’s a few more bits of news regarding Google today. Their Play Store has some sweet deals going on with about 10 impressive games, then Acer is building a budget tablet to take on Google’s Nexus 7 and B&N’s NOOK. Then we learned the official ASUS Nexus 7 desk dock will be on sale December 30th. Who’s buying?

Samsung news, we always have a little. Samsung’s Galaxy S II on AT&T is getting Ice Cream Sandwich, and there’s no sign of Jelly Bean. Then the international Galaxy S III is getting another update of Jelly Bean with Sammy’s premium suite of updates. We’re also hearing Samsung’s 5.5-inch flexible AMOLED display will be showcased at CES. So we’ll be sure and get some hands-on time with it.


Then we have some random hardware news today too. HTC’s still struggling and is aiming to scale back next year even more to try and cut their losses. Polaroid’s Android camera will be shown at CES, then two new quad-core phones hit the shelves in China. The Meizu MX2, and the ZTE Nubia are both impressive phones available today.

Then to end this wild Thursday as we prepare for the holiday weekend we have some Verizon news. First up their NFL Mobile app finally supports tablets. Thank you, thank you. Then today Verizon added 4G LTE to 29 new markets across the US. Speaking of improving networks T-Mobile fired up faster HSPA+ “faux 4G” in 14 cities themselves too. Slow clap for T-Mobile. We’ll end on a few good notes. Flipboard for Android now finally works as it should on tablets, and the awesome Cut the Rope developers launched their new game Pudding Monsters for Android.

Enjoy the rest of your evening and we’ll see you tomorrow!