It may not be an update to Jelly Bean like some were hoping to see, however AT&T has announced an update for the Galaxy S2. This latest update is available over-the-air and by way of Kies and will bring the device up to Android 4.0.4. And while this is just a small bump up from the 4.0.3 you are already running, it does have a few changes worth mentioning.

AT&T has offered up details on the changes, which includes three items. The log notes that this update will bring improvements to the AT&T branded application launch process, a fix for the EAS/Office 365 security pop-up and an update to all Google branded applications. 

Those looking to grab the update over-the-air will need to be connected to Wi-Fi. And as always, you can either sit back and wait for the update notification to arrive or you can take the pro-active approach and seek it out. Those choosing the latter will need to grab their handset and navigate to Menu -> Settings -> Software update -> Check for Updates to get the process started.

Otherwise, while we have seen some details about Jelly Bean on the Galaxy S2, we have yet to hear anything about that update coming from AT&T. Time will tell if AT&T will end up rolling that out, however we do know that it is possible considering we have heard about the update direct from Samsung.

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[via AT&T]


  1. I just got it today, at&t sent me the text and I had the update within 15 minutes. Although I haven’t really checked out everything about the update, it does change the messaging background color while in the app. it is white instead of black. Pretty nice looking 😀

  2. Having very annoying issue of battery drain after this update.I totally hate it. My phone was dead last two mornings when the phone was fully charged before i went to bed.


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