Flipboard for Android has come a long way since it originally launched as a Galaxy S3 exclusive. Except despite the app moving past that exclusivity period and into the Google Play Store, there was one bit that remained missing — support for Android tablets. But on that note, it looks like that support has arrived.

An updated release of Flipboard has landed in Google Play and it brings support for 10-inch Android tablets, as well as improved support for 7-inch devices such as the Nexus 7. Simply put, those with a 10-inch Android tablet will now be able to use Flipboard without having to sideload an APK file. And for those rocking a 7-inch tablet, as the previous release of Flipboard was a scaled up smartphone app, you should notice some improvement.

In addition to grabbing this update from Google Play, Flipboard is also available for the Kindle Fire and Nook. Those apps can be downloaded from the respective app stores. Of course, regardless of where you choose to download the app — it is available for free. Samsung will also be pushing the app to 10-inch tablet owners in an upcoming software update.


Also worth noting, if you were using the Flipboard app on a 7-inch tablet and were happy with the version you were running, you will be able to keep using the app in smartphone mode. Those looking to do this will need to head into the settings and switch things back using the option for “application mode.” All said and done, with this update it looks like Flipboard has filled a piece that many were waiting for.

[via Google Play]