Cut the Rope made quite the splash when it was released and it looks like ZeptoLab has returned with a follow-up game. We heard details of this earlier in the month when the developer announced the name, Pudding Monsters, and the fact that the game would drop on December 20. And well, today just so happens to be December 20.

That being said, a quick check of the Google Play Store shows two version of Pudding Monsters — one for free along with an HD version for $0.99. Otherwise, Pudding Monsters is currently sitting at version 1.0 and with support for devices running Android 1.6 or later.

Pudding Monsters is described as being a “deliciously addicting puzzle adventure, with wacky characters and innovative stick-’em-together gameplay.” In terms of the gameplay, there are 75 levels (with a promise of more to come) and the player will control the Pudding Monsters on their mission to save their friends from the cold-hearted fridge owner. The game features “unique stick-’em together gameplay mechanics” along with monster shapes to include the Slime Monster that leaves behind a trail of green goo.

And similar to Cut the Rope, Pudding Monsters is noted as being suitable for all ages. In other words, able to be played and enjoyed by kids and adults alike. On that thought, we are a bit curious to see how well Pudding Monsters will stack up against Cut the Rope, which between the original and Experiments has been downloaded more than 250 million times.


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