The Nexus 7 dock first leaked way back at the end of July. Since then we have heard various rumors suggesting a release timeframe with the latest calling for a release this month. And well, assuming the details on this newly discovered product listing prove to be accurate — Nexus 7 users could soon have an official dock.

Lets clarify this here though, the listing is available by way of B&H Photo and while they will ship outside of the US, the cost of shipping may prohibit this one primarily to those based on the US. That being said, the Asus Nexus 7 dock will be selling for $39.99. According to details coming from the listing, the expected availability date is December 30.

As far as the details go, B&H notes that the dock features a microUSB port and a 3.5mm audio jack. Simply put, this will be a good dock for those looking to charge without having to plug in the cable each time. Or alternatively, for those looking to have the dock hooked up to a set of external speakers. Otherwise, as you can likely see from the above image, this Asus Nexus 7 dock will have your tablet sitting in landscape.

The one shortfall here, the lack of HDMI. We cannot help but think that the addition of an HDMI out would have been nice to share videos on a bigger screen, but maybe Asus and Google have plans for another dock in the future. Regardless though, this is what Asus has offered at the moment. With that, the B&H listing is not yet accepting pre-orders, however if that estimated date holds — we expect that to change sooner rather than later.

[via phoneArena]


    • It is Pogo. The USB on the dock is so that you can continue to use your existing charger and they won’t supply one with the dock.

      The dock will take just power from the USB connection in the back and supply it to the Pogo connector in the base of the dock.

      No data connection will be supported here, me thinks.

  1. You guys do realize that there are not enough pogo pins to send an HDMI signal right? Thats a ridiculous assumption to think they would release one at some point. Does the USB port even support MHL?


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