For all the NFL fans out there that happen to be on Verizon Wireless we have some good news today. After what feels like years of waiting the official NFL Mobile app now supports Android tablets. Today Verizon has updated their excellent NFL Mobile app with a slew of new features for the Playoffs, as well as a revamped UI tailored for Android tablets.

Just in time Verizon has updated NFL Mobile with tons of new features, schedules, and details regarding everyone’s favorite time of the year. I’m not talking about the holidays. I’m talking about Playoffs. Playoffs! The app finally support Android tablets now, although they’ll only be ones exclusively carried by Verizon. Post season schedules have been added, Live video of select playoff games, championship games, the Pro Bowl, and of course the SuperBowl where my boys from Green Bay will be winning!


As usual NFL Mobile offers live audio coverage of all post season games as well as the SuperBowl. Sadly however, their app only works on Verizon devices, and that includes tablets. This means everyone with a Nexus 7 (or other tablets) won’t be able to sign in and enjoy this on their tablet, it has to be a Verizon-branded tablet. I’m the customer, not my tablet. Sure would be nice if we could sign into our Verizon account on any Android tablet — that would make sense.

As you can see above the Android tablet user interface is pretty decent. They’ve spread out all the information in a nice manor, and all the game scores are nicely laid out below for those watching the rest of the league or division. For those rocking Verizon, head to the Google Play Store and get the latest NFL Mobile right now.