With the biggest day of the year for Santa quickly approaching we might as well help him out a little. Let Santa make a few phone calls to our friends and family instead of flying everywhere. Just like last year Google’s launched their Send a call from Santa site for your enjoyment. We can send phone calls, emails, and even share the funny results right to Google+. More details below.

In the usual fashion Google is showing how awesome they are by adding to their holiday goods. Earlier this week we reported on their Santa Tracker app, and now they’ll let you make calls to friends and family with a unique yet personalized message right from Jolly St. Nick himself. At the end they’ll even let you call Santa personally and leave him a message. Fun!

It’s extremely simple and everything is neatly done with a few quick drop-down menus and commands. You can be as funny as you want, and Google handles everything. Simply go to www.sendacallfromsanta.com to get started. You’ll have to answer a few questions, agree to Santa’s terms since he has his own legal team, then in seconds you’ll be making a personalized message or custom tailored phone call from Santa himself.

Google’s integrated their growing social network Google+ this year, and just like years past we’re able to send a personalized call (US only it appears) to friends and family, send it as an email, or share the results to Google+. If you’d like to hear a sample, here’s what to expect. Google’s always doing fun and creative things and we’d recommend you give this a try. Enjoy!

[via Google]



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