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Mage Gauntlet arrives on Android

The young generation today seems to have all the good things geeky available for them. From smartphones to tablets to computers and smartwatches, a lot of cool gadgets are accessible too. Even when it comes to games, geeks and gamers now have more choices than ever before.

Dolphin V11 brings new mobile browsing experience to Android

There are numerous web browsers for Android but only a few deliver fast mobile browsing. Dolphin, one of the best Mobile Web Browsers for Android, was recently updated with new features and some bug fixes. Its developer added a Search engine option and support for multiple-thread downloads.

EA Sports adds controls, new gameplay to FIFA Ultimate Team app

Football fever isn’t over. I don’t think it will be over soon and EA Sports FIFA is adding to the craze by releasing the FIFA Ultimate Team. The new app allows two new modes to play on mobile – Matches of the Week and the FIFA Ultimate Team. New game plays have been added too: Classic or Casual Controls and Quick Simulation.

Android Wear messaging uses voice to reply to texts

The Smartwatch Battle is about to go on full throttle as Apple already introduced the Watch. Samsung, LG, and Moto may not directly rival with Apple’s first smartwatch but expect geeks to always compare Android Wear and Apple Watch.
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