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Boulder Dash 30th Anniversary game for Android introduced

If you don’t know what Boulder Dash is, then maybe you’ve been living under a rock or was born in the new millennium. I’m not concealing my age here but I know the Boulder Dash game is celebrating its 30th Anniversary. Originally released in 1984 by First Star Software, the Boulder Dash creators Peter Liepa and Chris Gray collaborated once again to bring this new version of the game for Android.

Google Play Movies and TV app gets updated

Who doesn’t want to end a tiring day watching your favorite TV show or a movie? I couldn’t think of one because most geeks I know are entertainment buffs too. Android fans should get more excited now that Google just updated the the Google Play Movies and TV app.

HP new Pro Slate 12, Pro Slate 8 leaked

HP is still in the business of making new mobile devices. Just recently, the company introduced two new Android tablets that are ideal for the business professionals. The HP Pro Slate 8 and HP Pro Slate 12 is part of a new Pro Slate series from the brand. It’s totally different from the Slate and Touchpad slates we’ve seen in the past.

OneDrive for Android updated with widget, recycle bin support

After announcing that all Office 365 subscribers will get unlimited cloud storage in the coming months, Microsoft has more good news for avid OneDrive users. Customers will never run out of storage space again with the cloud service and it will be easier to access with the updated Android and Windows Phone apps. Surprisingly, the iOS version of the app hasn’t been updated yet.

Taco Bell app takes your order even before you get there

There’s an app for everything. Even the most trivial stuff in the world has an app. Restaurant apps are a dime a dozen but only a few can actually receive your orders ahead of time before arriving at the food joint. Most apps just provide information about the resto, branches nearby, the complete menu and photos of food that will make you salivate.
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