Telegram Better Reaction Video Stickers Update 2022

The team behind telegram has always been prolific when it comes to updates. Just last month, a new version was introduced with reactions, spoilers label, and translation. In December, the messaging app finally let users protect messages, delete by date, and manage devices. We also remember that update the offered easier ways to look at shared media, join request options, chat themes, live stream recording, new video features, 1-month auto-delete, and more tools. This time, better reactions, video stickers, and more features are being added.

The latest update delivers better reactions as made possible by extra emoji and compact animations. There are easy-to-make video stickers available. Expect improved navigation between chats, as well as, a button to review those unseen reactions.

Compact animations let you send a much large effect. To do this, simply press and hold on a reaction you see in the menu. Reactions are also now synchronized similar to interactive emoji. This means a recipient can see any animation you sent in real time.

Five new reactions have been added: 🥰🤯🤔🤬👏. Use any emoji from this set to express yourself when chatting with someone. You can also send them as interactive emoji.

For those who prefer video stickers, you can easily make new ones. You can convert one from a regular video with added support. Just use a video editing program and convert a scene into an animated sticker that is only below 30KB.

If you’re very creative, you can also publish your sticker packs and shared your sets with the world. The Sticker Import API will help yo come up with apps that can help create or import stickers straight to Telegram.

Other improvements include navigation of recent chats. You simply have to press and hold the ‘Back’ button. This will bring you to a specific chat. If you need to open forwarded items, profiles, links, or usernames, open the chat and it will be added to a list. Some other bugs have been fixed by this update. Notice additional option to send silent messages, support for translation to Instant View pages, and better call quality.


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