Google Photos Pixel 3

If you still own a Pixel 3, it may be best to upgrade to a new one. We’d recommend you get a Pixel 6 even with all the issues because some features on the older Pixel smartphone are going away. Well, the phone will still work but for those enjoying the free uploads to Google Photos, it’s ending. The last day is January 31, 2002 in case you’ve forgotten. This is the full-quality uploads and it’s no longer free. It means any items you upload tomorrow will already take up your Google Drive space.

Google released the first few Pixel phone with a promise of free photo uploads. That was one attractive deal because people have always wanted a convenient way to store photos. Google Photos is easy to use. Storage is also unlimited–at least, used to be.

Only those Pixel 3 and the 3 XL owners will be affected by this change. Other Pixel phones may follow someday but not anytime soon. If you upload photos tomorrow, you will notice they will count against your storage. Those items previously uploaded will not eat up space.

If you still have a Pixel 3 series device, we suggest you to hurry and upload your photos now. Tomorrow, you won’t be able to enjoy the full-quality perk. You will soon see your previous storage used up.

Having the original quality photos at no extra charge has been a real treat. Backing up photos and videos can be a real dilemma for many people but Google wanted Pixel 3 smartphone owners to enjoy what they have. But sadly, all good things come to end. And yes, that time has come.


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