Oppo teases new smartphone camera lens plugin

The smartphone battle seems to have shifted to photography, with manufacturers trying to outdo each other in sheer megapixels or better picture quality. With a new camera smartphone on the way, Oppo is definitely not taking a back seat, giving everyone a sneak peak at its new camera lens.

Aio Wireless going nationwide in September

Aio Wireless has just announced that will be rolling out their service throughout the US starting next month. Aio Wireless, which provides no-contract prepaid plans, is so far only available in selected markets in Tampa, Houston, and Orlando.

Shazam gets updated to version 4.0 with a brand new look

The extremely popular music tagging and recognition service Shazam just received a massive update on the Google Play Store. Their Android app has always been a bit lacking, especially considering SoundHound has a pretty stellar app themselves. Well, Shazam just got a lot better today although there doesn't appear to be any new features.

Forget Google Reader, Digg Reader available now for Android

One of the biggest names to come forth and plan a replacement for Google Reader was Digg, and today their official Android app is finally available. Just like Digg.com on the web you'll get up to the minute news from their homepage, as well as the Digg Reader full of RSS feeds all optimized for our Android devices. Excited, or have you moved on to Feedly or other options?
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