Today a few major players in the mobile world have joined the 4G LTE family. Joining the likes of Verizon, AT&T, and others that are outside of the US, we can now welcome Vodafone and O2 to the team of blazing fast data and network speeds. O2 promised a 29th launch, and as expected, they flipped the power switch this afternoon on 4G.

However, over in the UK many will be happy to learn that O2 isn’t the only ones getting faster speeds. The major player Vodafone also lit up 4G LTE today. Both companies are confirming that limited connectivity and markets are available for now, and as expected will be updating and launching additional markets very rapidly.

It looks like O2 has 4G LTE across different parts of the UK in London, Leeds, as well as Bradford. This is right on the heels of EE doubling their rollout as of late, and having the widest network around. For now it also looks like Vodafone is reaching all those areas as well as a few others.

We’re hearing neither carrier will offer unlimited 4G LTE data pans, which was expected, and currently the highest tier looks to be 8GB monthly. Which you can certainly fly through if you stream tons of content. It looks like both carriers are aiming to offer 4G LTE in over 10 different cities by the end of the year, with Vodafone aiming to be the frontrunner on connectivity. Enjoy those faster speeds folks!

VIA: SlashGear