An new project over on Kickstarter has our attention this afternoon. It’s called Pressy, and the company is touting it as “the almighty Android button” and the best part is, it’s already been fully funded. We’re hesitant to talk about kickstarters lately for many don’t hit goals, get delayed, and launch late. However, Pressy is an awesome and cheap little accessory many will be excited to grab.

It’s simple really. Pressy transforms your headphone jack on almost any Android smartphone, and turns it into a powerful button that can be highly customized into a useful array of different shortcuts. From instantly snapping a picture in a half a second, launching your LED flashlight app, calling specific people like a parent or the wife and more. Sounds awesome but a bit confusing? More details can be found below.

A few simple taps on the Pressy “almighty Android button” and you’ll be performing all types of different tasks. Everything is highly customizable too. From long taps, short taps, multiple clicks and more. It’s almost like Morse Code, in a way. Yes, I just went there. Here’s the video with tons of information on this awesome little $17 gadget that I’ve already backed.

Out of the box Pressy comes with some pretty standards settings that are simple and useful, but the options are limitless. Here’s what you get initially

• One short Click to toggle your flashlight
• One long Click to toggle your phone in and out of silent mode
• Double-Click to snap a photo

However you can customize it to take photo or video, make a call to a person you choose, record audio, record a call, launch the camera app or instantly snap a photo, toggle the LED flashlight, check-in to social sites, send location, toggle WiFi or Bluetooth (handy for in the car) and tons of other things. You can take that a step further by letting tasker also pre-set a few options so these taps change as your location does. Nice.


I like, I do. They even have a little case for Pressy that sits on a key-chain so you don’t lose it when you want to actually use the headphone jack. Oh, and their companion app will work with those headphones and the clicker (if supported) to do the same functions. Pretty neat right?

It’s already fully funded, and should be coming shortly. So for now more details can be found below and you can get your own for $17 or so. Sadly it doesn’t look like they’ll ship to all backers til next year.

VIA: Kickstarter