Aio Wireless has just announced that will be rolling out their service throughout the US starting next month. Aio Wireless, which provides no-contract prepaid plans, is so far only available in selected markets in Tampa, Houston, and Orlando.

Launched just last May, Aio offers cheaper options for users who do not want to be tied to contracts. Aio offers three tiers starting with the voice-only Aio Basic plan that is only available for feature phones. Both the Aio Smart and the Aio Pro plans come with talk, messaging, and data, with a difference only in the amount of data. Prices range from $35 to $70 a month but may vary depending on the market. A month later, Aio added 4G LTE service to its data plans.

Aio Wireless will soon be expanding to other markets and states nationwide next month. No exact date has given but the carrier is offering the third month of service free of charge for those who will be signing up and activating their service by September 29. Those who wish to avail of the promo, however, must set up auto-pay and will still have to pay for additional features on top of the plan they signed up for.

This announcement comes right on the heels of T-Mobile filing a trademark lawsuit against AT&T. Aio Wireless is a subsidiary of AT&T so it comes as no surprise that T-Mobile would target its rival instead. And the content of T-Mobile’s beef? Just the simple fact that Aio Wireless’ branding makes use of the purple or magenta color that is “strikingly similar” to T-Mobile’s own branding. The carrier unveiled its own budget “UNcarrier” plans last March.

VIA: SlashGear