The NVIDIA SHIELD Andoid-powered game console is getting its second software update since launching late last month and reaching store shelves. The 5-inch Tegra 4 rocking gamepad is being updated by NVIDIA to software update 59 with new features such as moving entire games to the micro-SD, more Miracast streaming support and plenty of new games.

The NVIDIA SHIELD gaming console already comes out of the box with 16GB of internal storage, but for those playing Bards Tale or Asphalt 8, you know that 16GB can fill up quite quick. There’s micro-SD support, as expected, and my 64GB Micro-SD can now be used to hold all those games.

Move to SD is nothing new in the Android world, but with SHIELD you can move entire games content, files, and data to the SD card with one easy option in settings. Move entire games to the SD card if needed. Just head to Settings > Apps > Select App > Move to SD card. That should free up some storage. Then they’ve improved the Miracast wireless streaming support.

There’s a few other big changes that are worth mentioning. NVIDIA improved the PC streaming experience, since as you know, you can stream full stunning PC games right to SHIELD. Including Steam games. They improved streaming, gamepad detection, and overall WiFi performance. More PC games have been officially added to the supported list, bringing that to 31 games, but plenty work nearly perfect but aren’t “officially” supported.

Lastly the team added support for the Tegra developer tools, and more on that can be found here. As a reminder, PC streaming is still considered beta and not widely available. But with improvements to that with today’s update and more games being supported, we have a feeling that will launch soon enough.

Get the update as we speak by heading into settings and checking for updates, or it should just arrive manually. Enjoy the update and get back to gaming. If you missed it, check out Asphalt 8: Airborne on SHIELD.


  1. Where exactly can we see the official update notes? I don’t have a device, but I’m very curious so it would be nice to follow their progress.


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