The extremely popular music tagging and recognition service Shazam just received a massive update on the Google Play Store. Their Android app has always been a bit lacking, especially considering SoundHound has a pretty stellar app themselves. Well, Shazam just got a lot better today although there doesn’t appear to be any new features.

We shouldn’t call their brand new user interface and complete facelift a Holo experience, but it’s pretty darn close. It certainly is miles ahead of the Froyo-ish user interface we were all stuck using before, so we’ll take what we can get. The update just hit the Play Store, and is available for the free version and Shazam Encore.

The update welcomes Android tablet users, so now we won’t be stuck with the awful option they had before. This took far too long to arrive. The new Shazam is one universal app for all Android devices and screen sizes. Everything scales perfect and the buttons are nicely laid out in a great fashion. I’m actually really digging the new Shazam look!


All the features we’ve come to expect and love are still here. Being able to scan and tag a song, then instantly watch the YouTube video for it is present, and works great. They’ve changed the entire app, look, feel, and even their icon up a bit. Get it now from the link below and start tagging those songs.

VIA: Play Store