With the Motorola Moto X starting to become available on other major US carriers, T-Mobile customers are probably itching for some news or even rumors. Unfortunately, not every leaked information brings good tidings, as this screenshot seems to show.

A source provided a screenshot of T-Mobile’s page set up for the Moto X. Indicated here is the fact that the Moto X is “Available Externally” and sold by Google, through Google Play only. On one hand, this matches an earlier statement made by the carrier that they are not planning to stock on Moto X devices immediately. However, it was also indicated that T-Mobile customers should be looking towards Motorola when trying to purchase the Moto X. Now it seems that buyers will be redirected to Google Play instead.

On the other hand, this is sending conflicting signals to T-Mobile customers. On the same date that the image was leaked, T-Mobile CEO John Legere took to Twitter to poke fun at rival AT&T. In the same breath, he implied that T-Mobile customers will be able to jump to a Moto X next month, a reference to the carrier’s recently launched JUMP offering. Of course, Legere didn’t say this explicitly so his statements might be open to different interpretations.

It isn’t clear whether this Google Play exclusive applies only to off-contract units or for all T-Mobile offerings, which could contradict Legere’s statements. Whether leaked information or implied statements and hashtags hold more weight, T-Mobile users who are eager to get their hands on a Moto X will probably have no choice but to wait for the real deal.

VIA: TmoNews