Microsoft Surface Duo First Look

The Microsoft Surface Duo is one of the hottest gadgets today. Well, it may be too early to tell since the device isn’t available in the market yet but it’s been the talk of the town even before its official launch. It was introduced last year together with the Surface Neo. Details have been limited but Microsoft execs have been generous in teasing the product. Even Google SVP Lockheimer himself once showed off the Surface Duo. We find it more interesting because the Microsoft product runs on Android.

It’s the first-ever to be fully considered as a Microsoft Android device. We’re not counting the Nokia X from year 2014. As for the Surface Duo, it’s been mentioned and shown off several times here since October last year when it was introduced. It was thought to come earlier than scheduled, delayed, and then back to being on schedule.

The hybrid phone-tablet is now up for pre-order and ready for mobile productivity. If features a custom Android interface. The device is promised with three years of Android updates. It is also ready with side by side views and is ideal for most tasks.

Recently, the Microsoft Surface Duo dual-screen design and internals were also shown off. We learned it comes with enterprise level security by Microsoft. Some camera and UI features were presented as well.

YouTube vlogger Dave Lee managed to get a sample unit of the Microsoft Surface Duo. He said it’s an engineering unit and not a commercial unit. He shared a first look video of the phone-tablet that he compared with the Samsung Galaxy Fold, Galaxy Z Flip, and the LG Dual Screen.

Like the Samsung foldable phone, the Surface Duo works as a tablet when opened. According to Lee, the Microsoft Surface Duo looks really nice. He imagined it would be made of magnesium but it turned out to be glass.

The device is super thin. Each individual slab is thin. It feels like a small notebook and it fits just right in his hand but when opened, the device is wide. When closed, it’s also wide especially when you want to make a call.

When it comes to the build, Lee said it’s an “engineering marvel”, considering it opens fully on different angles. The hinger tension is just right. There is only one camera. The fingerprint reader is on the side. There is no water-resistance.

Watch the full video below:

The source said the device is something he’d want to use. He also thinks it’s a device other people would also want to use.


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