There’s not much known about the camera of the Surface Duo even though it is up for pre-order and hits the shelves on September 10. The phone-tablet hybrid comes with some stringent security features and though the camera is not going to be anything flashy compared to the crazy camera tech on other mobile devices, there is something that is now known about the camera of Surface Duo.

In a presentation posted by Windows Central, some clarity about the camera interface of Surface Duo has come to light. The internal Microsoft presentation has screenshots of the camera app. There isn’t anything much to talk about but some information is better than having none.

It’s already known that the camera is going to be an 11MP shooter (f/2.0) with 84-degree diagonal FOV and super-zoom of up to 7x. The video recording capability of the camera is good with 4k at 30 fps and 60 fps. For the 1080p recording, there is 30 fps and 60 fps mode. For stutter reduction, there is gyro-based digital video stabilization.

The app UI however reveals some of the features you’ll get. As seen from the screenshot there is going to be the standard Photo, Video, Portrait (with adjustable depth control), Panorama, and Slow-mo modes. According to Microsoft, the app will have AI photo processing but the real-life results are yet to be seen.

The top section has a photo timer and the toggle on/off switch for the flash in photo mode. Then there is a customary gallery icon and the capture button in the middle. We can expect more details to surface about the camera quality of the photos takes with the Surface Duo.


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