Microsoft launched the Surface Duo a few days back and the productivity-enhancing hybrid phone tablet took some serious pre-orders. The Android 10 powered Surface Duo comes with unique security features that are integrated at the Google service layer and OS level. This was briefed by Microsoft in a document that displays their seriousness about the device’s security levels. The most distinguishing security features listed are Custom engineered UEFI, Verified Boot, App separation, and Microsoft Defender ATP.

With the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI), there is complete control over the firmware code of the gadget. This ensures Enterprise-level security as one can review the code lines to identify any threats or to block any supply chain security loopholes. With this security feature comes the ability to act promptly for any security threats.

Another good security feature with Surface Duo is the Verified Boot which adds a layer of security at the sign-in screen. Right from the boot-up stage, it ensures that any code execution comes from trusted source only. The boot partition or other verified partitions are fully protected against any unauthorized exploits. Once the device is booted, every stage ensures the authenticity of the next stage for an ultra-secure OS environment.

Similarly, with the app separation security feature, the malicious apps are isolated and denied any access to private information. There is the always-on encryption and key handling which protects the data even if a hacker gets access to the device. It is virtually impossible to extract any sensitive user information with safeguards like Keystore keys.

Microsoft has also added the Microsoft Defender ATP which is a pro-level antivirus and malware protection software. The tool is available for Windows 10 as well as Android devices.


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