Microsoft Surface Duo Launch

We didn’t have to wait a full year before the Surface Duo hits the market. Microsoft has finally and officially revealed the new Surface Duo. The hybrid smartphone-tablet is now available for pre-order. This definitely means the device is ready for public release. It should be after all the testing and teasing not only by Microsoft executives but also by Google’s SVP. The device is highly anticipated as it is Microsoft’s first Android phone offering. It’s one interesting product because the software giant has finally given in to the Android platform.

This isn’t the first Surface product but this could be the most successful yet if all the things we’ve been waiting for are ready for public use. The new Surface Duo is all about productivity. The dual-screen setup makes it easier for you multitask.

The phone-tablet runs on Android with a custom interface. Microsoft wants to help consumers get things done and with the Surface Duo, you can do so with all the features available. It combines the power of a smartphone, tablet, and laptop, making the device ideal for everyone–whether for work, school, or home.

Microsoft’s Surface Duo ushers us further to the world of mobile productivity and creativity. It’s like a combination of a Galaxy Fold and a Galaxy Note if you’re thinking of Android. Of course, it’s too early to compare but you get the idea. We’re excited to know how this one will exceed our expectations.

The Surface Duo combines the power of Android and Microsoft 365. It comes with two screens so you can do more anytime, anywhere. The combined PixelSense Fusion displays measure 8.1-inches.

It’s thin and yet offers power and productivity. There is a Dynamic 360-degree hinge that lets you take advantage of the screens together or individually. The two displays allow you to see your presentation on one screen and view the participates on the other one.

The device offers hands-free watching of your favorite videos. It lets you read an e-book like a real book with the Kindle app. Scrolling through photos or web pages can be easier in portrait mode while answering emails is also more convenient with the Compose mode.

For mobile gamers, you can take advantage of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Make sure you have a Bluetooth controller with you. It also works best with a pair of Surface Earbuds. Like other tablets, this one also works with a stylus accessory like the Surface Slim Pen.

The Surface Duo has been designed with multitasking in mind. Microsoft knows that most people use two or multiple screens for more productivity. Having more than one display helps people finish tasks more quickly and effectively. Using two apps or opening screens side by side makes a lot of things easier. More people can be creative and productive if more information can be seen or more tasks can be done at once.

Most Android apps from the Play Store and Microsoft 365 apps can run on the Surface Duo. They can work together and be shown on the two screens. Microsoft and Google made it possible for the screens to work simultaneously or individually.

The displays work like one fluid screen, thanks to the proprietary digitizer algorithms. The device takes advantage of a custom pixel stack and color and luminance calibration so the screens will render the best display for any task.

As with most Windows or Android devices, the Surface Duo allows Microsoft 365 apps to run seamlessly with a Windows 10 PC. Feel free to use these popular apps from Microsoft: Office, Outlook, Edge, Teams, OneDrive, OneNote, and Microsoft To Do among others. The device also works with your smartphone, allowing you to receive notifications with the Your Phone app.

Microsoft Surface Duo can now be pre-ordered from BestBuy, AT&T, and the It will be available starting September 10 online and in stores. You can see it on Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T networks. Don’t expect an IP rating, NFC, or 5G. Microsoft said it’s only focused on mobile productivity so people can finish complex tasks while away from computers. The NFC isn’t needed at the moment.

Microsoft Surface Duo Key Specs:

• OS: Android 10, customized interface
• Processor: last year’s Snapdragon 855
• Display: two 5.6-inch FHD+ OLED displays, 4:3 aspect ratios
• Dimensions:  9.6mm when folded
• Battery:  3577mAh with 18W power adapter
• RAM:  6GB
• Storage: 128GB or 256GB
• Cam: 11MP camera with F/2.0 aperture, LED flash (front)


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