Truly it was only a matter of time. Nokia‘s first, and probably only, foray into Android has just gotten its very first AOSP custom ROM, making the Nokia X possibly one of the most affordable Android devices you can play around with.

The Nokia X isn’t exactly an impressive device. The hardware is what you’d normally consider low-tier or even mediocre. It doesn’t even run the latest Android version. It’s novelty comes from the fact that it comes from Nokia, with a Nokia UX touch, and a very tempting budget price. Now those specs can be put to somewhat better use thanks to this new ROM.

The Android 4.1.2 ROM comes via XDA and is based on Code Aurora, itself based on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) with custom Qualcomm patches included. The ROM is, surprisingly in a usable state, with Bluetooth, Camera, FM radio, GPS, media playback and even multi SIM support all marked as working. What doesn’t work include audio out during calls and all sensors, but it’s still a work in progress so things can change quickly. One quirk of the Nokia X is that it has a single hardware key for Back, which can make navigation a pain in one’s extremities. Fortunately, two builds are available, including one that has a sofware navigation bar like those on devices with no hardware buttons at all.

One, however, might wonder if wiping out the custom Nokia interface, including Fast Lane and Nokia apps, effectively removes one of the device’s most unique feature. Nonetheless, this ROM gives Android buyers an option to purchase a relatively cheap device and not give a care to Nokia’s customization. What’s more, this build can hopefully lead to more ROMs, including, hopefully, one using Android 4.4.