Sony Xperia XZ Premium

There are several reasons why OEMs give discounts or price cuts. Some brands simply want to sell more while others just want to dispose of the stocks because a new model is coming soon. There’s also the fact that a product may not be selling as fast. We’re not sure what is Sony’s reason but we’re pretty sure those who have been thinking of getting the Sony Xperia XZ Premium since it was first announced are happy with the news that the phone is now down to $699. Well, that is still expensive but the $100 discount makes it cheaper than the original $799 price tag.

This smartphone has been getting raves since it was named as the “Best New Smartphone at MWC 2017”. Its selling point is the camera technology that features the new G Lens, 960fps slow-motion feature, speed, and durable build. It recently received Netflix HDR support. Interestingly, there is no fingerprint sensor and no ‘tap to wake’ feature.

You can now purchase the Xperia XZ Premium on Amazon unlocked (Black and Pink). The unlocked bronze pink model is also $699 on Best Buy while it is ready on B&H (all colors).

To review, the device sports a 5.5-inch HDR screen with TRILUMINOS display, Motion Eye image sensor with 960 FPS Super slow motion video, Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, 4G LTE, 64GB onboard storage, 4G RAM, microSD card slot, 19MP rear cam, 13MP front-facing camera, and a 3230 mAh battery with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0.

SOURCE: Amazon, Best Buy, B&H