Red Lithium 3D camera for Hydrogen One phone

Finally, after more than a year of teasers, the RED Hydrogen One phone is out. The device debuted as the world’s first holographic media machine. We soon saw the real one and not just a prototype and it was ready to make full 4-View holography a reality. The phone was promised to ship by summer but was delayed several times by Red. AT&T and Verizon announced the device for release and opened pre-registration while the unit hit the FCC for final testing.

The Houdini developer units shipped first before the Titanium RED Hydrogen One was ready. Official specs were then leaked and the phone reached the doorsteps of early adopters.

RED’s Hydrogen One smartphone was already subjected to a Durability Test. According to Zack Nelson, the phone was built like a tank. So is it worth the premium price tag? We say it is but it depends on how you’ll use the Red Hydrogen One.

The $1,300 smartphone is focused on cinematography but RED just announced a 3D camera add-on, the “Lithium”, that works well with the Hydrogen One. The latter mainly works as a monitor and controller for this new camera.

The RED Hydrogen Camera System with this 3D/4V camera will allow users to view 3D content without having to use a pair of special 3D glasses or headset. Hopefully, recording in 3D will be easier so creators will be able to make more footage and content.

RED Lithium 3D camera for Hydrogen One phone

Lithium is a lightweight stereo rig that features two digital cinema sensors and zoom lenses. It is meant to create very high-quality H4V images as described by RED collaborator Phil Holland.

Using Lithium with the Hydrogen One should be easier compared to using other systems from RED. The new rig is light and easy to use so anyone can really use it. This sounds promising but we’ll have to wait for next year until it rolls out.

VIA: Engadget


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