We have high expectations of the Red Hydrogen One but to know if a device is worthy of its high price, it’s a must that it undergoes a durability test. If not, it must be opened to see what’s inside and how the components are laid out. As for Red’s premium phone, we’re not sure wrecking a mighty expensive smartphone is a practical idea but JerryRigEverything wants us to have a first glimpse of the world’s first holographic media machine.

At $1,300, this is one of the most expensive phones to be tested by Zack Nelson. He didn’t spend anything for the Red Hydrogen One but RED sent him a unit. He did order the $1,600 Titanium version but it’s been delayed.

The phone arrives with a fancy metal and plastic envelope. It’s just the packaging but we’re guessing that’s one of the reasons why the RED Hydrogen One is pricey.

Watch the complete video below:

The holographic display also scratches at level 6 as with most premium flagships we’ve tried. Deeper grooves are at level 7. You can see the huge speakers grilles at the top and bottom that are made from black plastic. Scratching and pulling the plastic can be easily done.

The sides are impressive with the big textured aluminum ridges. The volume buttons are metal. Scratching the fingerprint sensor doesn’t do anything because it can still read a fingerprint.

Placing a lighter under the display doesn’t damage the screen but an area turns black after a few seconds. Bending the phone from the back and front gives zero flex.

We can say this phone is built like a tank. So is it worth your money? Maybe. It depends on how you’ll really use the Red Hydrogen One.