The RED Hydrogen One was introduced last year as the world’s first holographic media machine. It wasn’t just a concept but it’s a real phone whose prototype was shown off in a video. We’ve been anticipating this one but it was delayed yet again. A summer release was promised and looks like it will become a reality soon as both Verizon and AT&T are reported to carry the RED HYDROGEN ONE. The two networks made a related announcement at the same time so we know the smartphone is almost ready.

The world’s first holographic media machine–the Red Hydrogen One–will make full 4-View holography a reality. The summer launch seems to be for real as the two carriers announced the availability of the revolutionary smartphone.

AT&T is holding a demo on June 2 to 3 at the AT&T SHAPE at Warner Bros. Studios in LA. You can sample different media content like games and movies and see for yourself how you can take advantage of the 4-view holographic display.

Verizon will also be home to the RED HYDROGEN ONE. The phone lets you enjoy 3D-like graphics sans the glasses. You can also enjoy multidimensional surround sound and the holographic media display on the 5.7-inch screen. In case you’ve been wondering, the Red Hydrogen One isn’t just for 4D viewing. You can also add different modules for different functions and features that will help in movie-making and content-creation.

SOURCE: Verizon, AT&T