RED Hydrogen One

Just a heads up for those who have been and still patiently waiting for their pre-orders, the RED Hydrogen One smartphone will be delayed yet again. We’ve shared this kind of news before and to be honest, we don’t think this is the last time. Sorry, but we have a bad feeling about this. Jim Jannard of Red has posted a heartbreaking missive on the saying the launch of Ti failed. It was a disaster. His words, not ours.

Those who ordered for the Ti are still the priority but there’s not enough in the production line. The vendors and ODMs promised to make enough but they weren’t able to. It’s not the end of the line though. There is still hope.

Titanium pre-orders will receive aluminum HYDROGEN but once the Ti models are ready, they will also be sent to you. The RED team regrets the situation. No new promises are being made but they’re still working to make things right.

Here is the full letter:

This one is killing me. Trust me…

The 1st run of Ti is a disaster. All fail.

I told you how difficult Ti was to make but I was assured by our ODM and vendors we would make enough for the pre-orders. We didn’t.

So what does that mean?

Our pre-order Ti customers are the highest order. Not only did they commit to paying the full price of the highest priced model 14 months ago, they had to patiently sit through the Houdini launch and watch from the sideline.

If I were a Ti pre-order customer, I would be pretty pissed off… so I assume that is the common reaction for all of our customers in this position.

I can’t go over there and make them myself, or I would. All I can do is do what I think is fair… as if I was the customer.

We will send all Ti pre-orders an aluminum HYDROGEN 1st when we begin shipping them. Additionally, when we finally do make Ti models correctly, we will send that to you at no charge. You are allowed to keep the aluminum as well.

All RED cameras are made in California at our factory in Orange County. We have control over everything. Unfortunately, we are not in the same position with HYDROGEN. We are left to rely on the schedules and representations of our suppliers. In this case… we were let down pretty severely.

I have put my helmet on and am ready to field any questions about this.