The RED Hydrogen One is tagged as the world’s first holographic media machine. It’s the first alright but to be honest, it hasn’t gone commercial yet after several delays. It’s real. A prototype was shown off before in a video. The device is expected to make full 4-View holography a reality but not without any problems. It’s been delayed again and again but the company behind it is saying it’s for the better. We believe it’s coming soon from Verizon and AT&T and for real this time.

RED Hydrogen One pre-registration has been up since June. We shared with you the 5 features you should know: a 5.7-inch Holographic Screen, Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor, 4-View Video Capture, Modular Technology, and the Verizon Deal. Earlier this month, the RED Hydrogen smartphone finally the hit FCC but with new issues were also uncovered.

New setbacks are being met but mainly related to certification. We didn’t hear any word when the fix will be ready but both RED and H4V are doing their best to make the improvements. We’ve got some good news: certification is still in process. Well, that may be bad news to those who have been waiting for the premium phone but, at least, we know it’s almost ready.

The RED Hydrogen One delays are testing our patience. Launch schedule is greatly affected but now we can say some dates have been locked down already. RED CEO Jim Jannard has shared some important matters on

RED’s Hydrogen One holographic phone was said to ship by summer. Specifically, Houdini units of the RED HYDROGEN phone will be released on August 31. The Black version will roll out while Ti Houdini (Titanium) models will be out in September.

Note that the Houdini is the pre-release model of the RED Hydrogen One. It’s more like the pre-commercial version aka the PVT HYDROGEN Production sample. It’s loaded with pre-release firmware and software. Don’t expect too much but it should be ready for major functions and features.

Not all apps are in their final stages yet. Expect a few bugs here and there but you’ll get to preview the main features. Before the official launch, you’ll get to see and experience what the RED Hydrogen One can really offer to the public.

RED will release the Houdini Developer’s Model from August 31 to September 11 only. A special event will be held on the 31st of August at the RED Studios Hollywood to kick off the release of the limited models. Sign-up by emailing: [email protected].

HYDROGEN Pre-order customers will receive their orders beginning October 9. First units to ship will be the Black aluminum models followed by the Titanium ones. On November 2, Telcel in Mexico and Verizon and AT&T in the US, will start to ship the phone in Black and Shadow aluminum with a price tag that reads $1,295.

If you are an early adopter of the Houdini model, please take note of this reminder from the company: “We reserve the right to brick the device if used for any purpose other than giving us constructive feedback. If you are a vocal critic or reviewer, wait until after the launch.”

Anything can still happen to the RED HYDROGEN ONE. We’re taking everything with a pinch of salt for now so let’s wait and see.