Pokemon GO is still on a roll. Even if interest is declining, the mobile game is still not available in all 200 markets where Niantic and Nintendo promised to deliver. It has hit a number of important milestones already in such a short time like 500 million downloads worldwide across platforms. The game developer has many reasons to celebrate success although we’re not sure how long it will last. But while it’s still a hot topic, expect the augmented reality game to make headlines.

Just recently, we learned it will get Buddy Pokemon, Pokemon Go Plus support, and other PvP features despite the permanent bans that are actually being reversed. We’ve lost count of how many updates were released to Pokemon GO but the last one gave clues to secrets to the game’s future, attack and defense stats, Nearby’ and ‘Sightings’ features, and the removal of 3-step display and limits access to 3rd party apps.

Another fix was released as the last Buddy Pokemon update affected some jailbroken or rooted devices. It shouldn’t be a problem but some have reported they couldn’t use other related features. Niantic doesn’t like cheats so any form of hacking is prohibited. This particular update now allows Pokemon GO to check if device is rooted or not. The check will happen every 30 minutes and if the phone is rooted or jailbroken, then the player will be booted out of the game. Niantic uses SafetyNet to do the checks. It’s the same system used on Android Pay.

Niantic is serious with kicking out the cheaters. It may take a while before the company weeds out all of them and may have difficulty in the future as the Pokemon GO Plus accessory is about to launch.

If you use a jailbroken or rooted device, there is still hope for you. Niantic may hate you but you know how it is within the Android community. There is always a way around every situation no matter how “tight” the security is. We’re not recommending all these methods because anything can still happen but as we would always say: DO AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Here are some tips on how to bypass Niantic’s check for rooted phones:

ANDROID. Install Magisk. It’s “a magic mask to alter systems systemless-ly”. Uninstall Xposed Framework first and unroot your phone. Just restore the stock boot image and NOT the tock recovery image. Download Magisk from XDA.

CYANOGENMOD 13. Redditor PianoAddict772 suggested a number of things. Start by backing up everything through TWRP; enable root through Developer settings; choose Root Access; download ES file explorer from the Google Play Store; open ES file explorer; click top left and scroll down; enable root explorer and click root explorer; choose mount r/w; click top right of ES File Explorer screen; select file from drop down; enter “/system” and go; and then rename “su” files in both xbin and bin files.

DISCLAIMER: We’ll take no responsibility for any actions you will make. What we’ve listed here and on SlashGear are merely tips and tricks on how you can still enjoy Pokemon GO.

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