As if the Pokemon GO craze and success aren’t enough, the Niantic Team is launching Pokémon GO Plus. We’ve heard about the line way before the launch of the phenomenal augmented reality game. It went up for pre-order last June and we said it would be delayed until September. We’ve reached that month and we’re excited to know that the Pokémon GO Plus is just around the corner according to Nintendo and The Pokémon Company.

Starting September 16, the companion device will be delivered to your doorsteps. Interest in the game may be on a decline but we’re sure avid fans of the augmented reality game will love the small device that connects over Bluetooth Smart. What it does is help you catch more Pokémon by alerting you whenever there is a pocket monster available. You don’t have to look at your phone screen every time because the Pokémon GO Plus will do the searching for you.

The Pokémon GO Plus uses Bluetooth low energy connection. You can put it in your pocket, wear it on your wrist or as a necklace, or clip on your shirt. The small gadget will light up and vibrate when you pass or land in a PokéStop. Collecting new items is possible too with a simple click of the accessory. Once the Pokémon GO Plus lights up or vibrates, that means a Pokémon is nearby. It makes your catching adventure easier because you don’t even have to bring out your phone.

Pokémon GO Plus will be out in the market next week in select key markets for only $35. The South American region will receive the accessory before 2016 ends.

SOURCE: Niantic