How many Pokemon have you caught yet? We’ve caught only three over the weekend and as much as we want to catch ’em all, there are more important things to do. Maybe this weekend and after the augmented reality is updated, we’ll be able to catch more. Yup, the game has just received another update that fixes several bugs and brings the new ‘Nearby’ system feature. The latter is still in its testing phase and only a small percent of gamers can try it out.

This ‘Nearby’ feature will hopefully eliminate the need to “track” those pocket monsters near you. It’s something you need if you want to find more Pokemon and go further in the game. It was recently updated from the earlier release that did nothing but confuse us. Don’t be disappointed if you don’t see the changes on the app because it will be available for only a subset of users.

No idea how many percent are the lucky bunch but here is a sample video by Dogecoin creator Jackson Palmer:

Those Pokemon “nearby” will be available if there is a Pokestop near. The feature will be more than useful as it actually works very similar to other tracker apps which sadly, are being pulled out.

If you see a circle in a Pokestop, you may notice a Pokemon that is “nearby” already. There’s also the “Sightings” section that shows Pokemon just in the wild but not necessarily near. You have to search for them as designed.

VIA: TechCrunch