It might surprise some of you, but Pokemon Go’s recent app update may contain code for features and game elements that are not yet active as of now. The best way to look at these is to dig into the APK (installer) code of the game, and what the good people over at SlashGear found out may bring more excitement about Niantic’s hit augmented reality game. Here are some elements they found.


First up, there are references in the code of Pokemon Go to new store items – specifically “Cool” Incense and “Floral” Incense. This might point to a new system of drawing in specific Pokemon. Secondly, there is the mention of the word “Forts”. It could be a new location type in the game, and the code for “Forts” include entries like “Deploy Pokemon” and “Recall Pokemon”. This might be a feature that allows users to take Pokemon back out of a “fort” or a gym they’ve already assigned them to.


More excitingly, there is a lot more evidence in the code for the anticipated Pokemon trading feature. Four elements in the code suggest that trading should be on the way – elements include, Trade Search, Trade Offer, Trade Response, Trade Result. Now this might not be the face-to-face trading that we are expecting, but something like leaving a Pokemon at a location to facilitate trading.


Now we all know that legendary Pokemon like Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres have been spotted in the code of the game, as well as Legendary Pokemon Mew and Mewtwo. Further evidence in the code may be a stepping stone to probable special events in where these Pokemon will be released. The code shows “Activity Catch Legend Pokemon” where before it only showed “Activity Catch Pokemon”.


Lastly, there’s a reference to a “buddy Pokemon”. Code elements like “Buddy Candy Awarded” and “Buddy Walked Message” point to something like your favorite Pokemon following you around in walks. And then if the Pokemon grows on you and gets closer bonding with the trainer – will this be the gateway to more evolutions with the Gen 2 release? Pretty exciting, eh?

SOURCE: SlashGear