In less than two months, Niantic and Nintendo, with the help of Google, have managed to wow the gaming world with the release of ‘Pokemon GO’. This new augmented reality game has taken the globe by storm, hitting high numbers left and right and setting records in different categories in both Play Store and App Store. We’ve been anticipating for this game since last year especially after learning Google, Nintendo, and the Pokemon group invested $30 million in Niantic. The game has been a hot topic since July for the simple reason that it’s fun.

Others see it as just a hype but certainly to Niantic and Nintendo, it’s great news. Nintendo shares went up on the first few days of launch. It quickly become the biggest mobile game in the US history with 21 million downloads in one week and hitting 50 million downloads within three weeks. Over a month later, the number has ballooned to 500 million downloads. That’s from all over the world. It’s quite impressive even if the company has been doing soft bans on cheaters.

The mobile game now holds several records for beating previous titles. It hasn’t even reached all 200 markets yet as promised but Pokemon GO has surpassed the 500 million mark. It’s available in over 100 million markets today.

We’ve been saying that Pokemon GO needs to up its game as interest is on a decline. That’s normal and expected given the phenomenal popularity. Perhaps that’s the reason why Niantic introduced an appeal process so some bans are being reversed.

No doubt that Niantic, Nintendo, and Google have done a great job in Pokemon GO. It’s only been less than two months. We’re excited to know about future developments and how it will be played some more after Apple announced a Pokemon GO and Apple Watch integration. That’s one interesting development we’d like to see happen on Android Wear.

SOURCE: Niantic