Android Pay will be no more. Well, not exactly but Google has decided to put all its mobile payment services into just one brand. Google Wallet and Android Pay will now be known as Google Pay. It was over two years ago when the Google Wallet app was relaunched as Android Pay. It made us confused for a while because since 2011, there’s always been Google Wallet. And since 2016, Google has been slowly killing off some Wallet related products and services including the Wallet Card.

Android Pay even replaced Google Wallet as Uber payment method. It stopped supporting older cards from Google Wallet. There’s still the Google Wallet web app that lets you send and receive money through debit card for an easy payment experience across the web. The last we heard of it was when Project Fi introduced group repay made possible with Google Wallet and when it started offering easy payment experience across the web.

As for Android Pay, the service continues to expand as Google adds more participating banks since 2015 and is expanding in more countries like Japan, United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Hong Kong. This time, we will see more of this logo as Google does another rebrand:

Google Pay will further make digital and mobile payments easier and more convenient. It’s simpler and safer too because Google has tried to consolidate the features for a more consistent experience. No need to switch to different apps because Google Pay is the only app you need. So instead of Google Wallet or Android Pay, remember to pay thru Google Pay. Some big websites already accept it at checkout including Airbnb, Fandango, Dice, Isntacart, and HungryHouse among others.

Developers are also encouraged to implement the mobile payment service on their apps, stores, and websites. Integrate Google Pay and take advantage of the tech giant’s many partnerships with bigger brands by visiting the Payments Solutions site.

SOURCE: The Keyword (Google)


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