One of the reasons why mobile payment gateways aren’t taking off as fast as they want it to go is that there are still a lot of limitations when it comes to supported cards, banks, and financial institutions. When Android Pay first came on the scene, those who were using Google Wallet previously were allowed to bring in their credit cards even if the bank wasn’t supported. But starting October 14, if the card you’re using is still not part of the list of supported banks, you won’t be able to use them anymore.

Google doesn’t really give a specific reason as to why these “grandfathered” cards can no longer be used to make cardless payments through Android Pay. They said that they were “only able to support this for a limited time.” If the card that you were using is still not part of the list, then you would either have to stop using Android Pay by October 14 or go ahead and get a card from a supported bank if you’re already used to using this wireless and cardless mode of payment.

Android Pay has been working double time to expand their network and convince more users to switch to the mobile payment gateway, amidst competition from other platforms like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, although the market for the three are pretty much different. Recently they added Chase Bank to their list and also announced their integration with Uber’s Payment Rewards program.

You can check out the list of Android Pay supported banks and institutions here. Expect more additions and even more new features over the next few months.

VIA: 9 to 5 Google