Just when we thought that Google Wallet is about to go, here’s Google announcing a new Google Wallet web experience. This is already different from Android Pay as that one is solely for mobile payments. This Google Wallet is available across the web and all browsers, allowing anyone to send money even without an app.

The new Google Wallet is like PayPal that offers quick money transfers from one bank account to another. You just need to set up one account to send and receive money on the web. Set up your Google Wallet on wallet.google.com and feel free to use it with ease.

Google Wallet makes sending money on the web easier. It’s really simple to use as you only need to link your debit card to send money. You just need to enter the recipient’s e-mail address and the amount of money to send or request.

To make things easier, simply bookmark wallet.google.com, sign in, and enter the amount every time you need to pay. Request money for payment for whatever product or service shouldn’t be a hassle and this new Google Wallet will definitely be useful. You only need to set one default payment method and any amount that will be sent to you through Google Wallet will automatically be transferred there.

SOURCE: Google