This is not an April Fool’s Joke but Google has officially put an end to the Google Wallet Card. The tech giant will stop supporting the Wallet Card by June 30. The app version will still be available on the Play Store and will still be able to handle transactions like sending and receiving money. No change will happen to your Wallet Balance but you can no longer add more beginning May 1.

If you think this one will be killed off because there’s already Android Pay, we don’t think it’s happening anytime soon. Google Wallet and Android Pay are still different from each other. Don’t be confused with the two but both are able to do mobile payments.

If you may remember, a new Google Wallet app was released September last year and shortly after, announced Android Pay. We thought it was a simple renaming and that Google Wallet may soon be a thing of the past but another update was rolled out in December letting users send money to any mobile phone number, as well as, easy cashing out with a debit card.

Earlier this week, we said that the Google Wallet Card might be no more by August but it happened faster than we thought. Those who have been using the Google Wallet Card as their debit are recommended to go try American Express or Simple. Each has a similar offer including a physical card. Google even worked with the two that every Wallet Card user who will move to their services and sign up will receive a bonus.

The Google Wallet team assured the app users that Google Wallet will still be available. Further improvements to the app will still be released.

SOURCE: Google Wallet