While most of the attention has been spent on Android Pay, Google’s mobile payment gateway, don’t forget that Google Wallet still exists. It has been repurposed as an online payment system, competing with the likes of PayPal. And now Google has released a web app so that you will be able to easily send and receive money from your friends, family members, colleagues, or clients, and all you need is a browser and a connected debit card.

Google Wallet originally was a physical card that you could use for various online and offline transactions, but eventually they changed tactics and earlier this year, they officially killed off the debit card. Now, with the launch of the Google Wallet web app, you can easily receive money from other people and all you need is a browser and a debit card that is associated with your Google account.

You can still use the Google Wallet app to transfer and receive money on your mobile device of course, but having a web app can make it easier for those who don’t have mobile devices at the moment to still be able to do transactions. And of course, if you have a supported device and a supported bank or financial institution, then you can use Android Pay for your brick and mortar, and now even online, payments.

The Google Wallet web app is now available for you to use to receive money from your contacts. Let’s see whether this will still be relevant a few months from now since Android Pay is also going into online payments already.

SOURCE: Google