GOOGLE Project Fi group repay

Ever tried sharing your data or wireless plan? We know you have done so and are still doing it so don’t fret as Google has just announced a solution that will benefit Project Fi users. No more data or speed will be added but the solution is really more for sharing the bill with another person. You don’t have to calculate on your own how much your friend needs to pay you.

When you share your Project Fi wireless plan, you can easily check group repay. Splitting the bill is made easier when you receive a group plan bill. What Google will do is to calculate each member’s portion and send out reminders that payment is due. Others will just have to pay the Project Fi plan’s main owner.

This feature is really a simple method to calculate and collect payment from people. Project Fi will do the work for you if you’re the kind who feels ashamed of asking people to pay up their dues (but really, you shouldn’t). Project Fi will calculate and present the bill with the correct amount each month.

You can easily set up the account, select an amount for each person, and just wait for them to pay. Thanks to Google Wallet for making this possible as the service makes it easier to ‘Send Money’. So if you’re depending on a Project Fi group plan, pay up, and don’t ignore those reminders.

If you’re the owner, let those people come to you to give the payment. It’s about time that you let others come to you to give you money. If not, feel free to stop sharing your Project Fi wireless plan with them. It’s that simple.

SOURCE: The Keyword (Google)