Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 1TB

The Galaxy S22 Ultra will be the ultimate variant from Samsung. It will be announced in Q1 2022 together with the regular Galaxy S22 and the Galaxy S22 Plus. The mobile industry has been anticipating for this one because it will the next-gen highest-specced Galaxy S and is said to replace the Galaxy Note. Rumor has it that it will be called as the Samsung Galaxy S22 Note. More camera details and images of the phone have been leaked but expect more will surface until the official Unpacked event.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra may also have a new macro feature. It may also come in a new color option. It may come with a 5000mAh battery with 45W fast charging. We’ve seen real-world photos and renders that showed a waterdrop camera design.

Definitely, the phone will come with an S Pen support. A built-in slot may also be possible now. We can expect a different camera and frame design.

The Ultra phone may also come with 10x zoom camera. We’re no longer waiting for a 200MP camera–just 108MP. We can look forward to an all-glass design as well.

The latest detail we learned has something to do with productivity. Onboard storage could be 1TB which is really bid. This means no need for a memory card for expansion. This isn’t a first for Samsung because previously, it released a 12GB RAM with 1TB memory version of the Galaxy S10+.

With the Samsung Galaxy Note series being discontinued, it will be worth to consider the Galaxy S22 Ultra. The only deciding factor will be up to a mobile consumer’s needs.


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